April 22, 2010

Canadian Mennonite Team Returns to Bless Ecuador Once Again!

Recently a Mennonite team from Alberta, Canada, was with us in Ecuador.  Dana and Sherry Howard were the host missionaries for this group.  During this time, we had an outreach for children and adults in a town about an hour from Quito in the rainforest.  Many people participated.  Then the group worked for two days in a new church in north Quito called Northern Hills Church.  We helped put in a floor of paving stones for the church.  On Sunday, there were over 100 people in the celebration of the new church.

But the group wasn’t finished!  They also worked five days on a construction project on an indigenous church (Quechua) in South Quito.  We were able to help them with a cement floor, new roof, doors, and windows.  Over 30 different indigenous persons co-labored with us, many of which were women and children.  Soon, the church will be able to move out of their portable chapel that holds about 60 people and move into their new building that should hold close to 160 people.  Pastor Hugo of “City of God Church” is thrilled about his new building and the possibility of reaching more people for Christ.  We want to thank Henry Fehr, the leader of the group, for organizing the team and raising the funds for these projects.  May the Lord bless you.