July 30, 2010

Spring Hill, Kansas, Team: an answer to prayer!

The small little town of Mendez didn't know what to think when a team from Spring Hill, Kansas, came to minister in their town.  Mendez is a little village of about 1.000 people that is located at the beginning of the jungle.  The team was made up of adults and teens.

The people from the Mendez church had built a rather large Sunday school room and had started the construction for the church building but just didn't have the money to continue.  They had been praying for help, and the Spring Hill team was an answer to their prayers.  Despite the heat, the team worked alongside the church people to lay block walls and pour the church floor.  In addition, they held a Kids Club every afternoon.  They started with 15 children and had over 30 by the last night of the program.  The team also taught the church how to use the EvangeBall so that they can continue to share the gospel.

A highlight of the trip was that the team left the church Sunday School books for all ages so that they could start their Sunday School classes.  The team was impacted by the church people of Mendez as well.  The team will never forget the smiles and loving hugs of the Mendez adults and especially the children who were frequently by the teens’ sides.

The owner of the hotel where the team stayed inquired many times about the team and their activities.  As it turns out, his grandson won a hacky-sack EvangeBall for bringing the most children to Kids Club.  Now his grandson can share the gospel with him!