February 18, 2011

God Picks HIS Team for HIS Glory

Arizona Team

When a recent team from Arizona came to work in Ecuador, there were several special things about the team.  First, Bruce and Cinda McKellips, former W&W Coordinators were on this team.  On top of that, Kyle, the Mission Corps volunteer that works with teams, found out his mother, Jaynee, had booked a flight to visit him and it turned out she arrived the same night as the team.
Kyle and Janee
The team of 14 from Arizona, Jaynee, and a staff of five headed for Riobamba to stay and work at our District Center.  We would be working in the Sierra Centro District with District Superintendent Mario Paredes.

This project was different.  Instead of shovels and trowels, the team used a ramset, which drives nails into concrete, hammers and electric drills.  They put up drywall to make dividers for offices at the District Center.  Not too many knew much about hanging drywall but that is where Jaynee came in.  She knew how to tape together and plaster the drywall and had many good suggestions for us all.

Each person found a place to fit in, with all the measuring, hanging the drywall, taping, and plastering.  They added a texture to the drywall and then started painting.  By the end of the week there were eight or nine rooms with bathrooms and closets to the side of some of the rooms.  The team finished and painted one room in a cream and terracotta color.  It looked like a real office!

While most of the team was busy with the construction there were some in the kitchen purchasing the food, preparing the meals and doing laundry for the rest of the team.  Thank you to the Arizona team, Jaynee from MN and everyone that supported the team.  God bless you for giving of yourselves.  God put together this team in HIS way, and we give Him all the glory.