February 28, 2006

W&W Team from Michigan and Kansas

This W&W team is building the Eucalyptus Church of the Nazarene in Zabala, Ecuador (near Quito). This is the first team to work on this church, so they're working on columns and foundation. As you can see in the background, they have a beautiful view from the church.

Moving Rocks . . . by Hand!

Locals from the church worked with the W&W team. Everyone, including grandmas and children, pitched in to move rocks to help build a wall.

Sierra District Center in Riobamba, Ecuador

Job Site
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A W&W team from the Missouri District worked in Riobamba recently. They labored hard to mix concrete, pour floors and build walls. One afternoon the students from the local Nazarene school helped as well.

Local Women Helping

Local Women Helping
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Several people from local Nazarene churches around Riobamba worked alongside the Missouri team. Here are two indigenous women who helped.

Lunchtime Children's Ministry

Several of the team members have a special heart for children's ministry. As local children got off the bus at lunchtime, team members held impromptu services with the kids. Each day the attendance grew. The children especially enjoyed the songs, puppets and magic tricks.

February 05, 2006

Mini W&W Trips: Openings for Summer 2006!

Many people want to experience a W&W trip but time, money and/or family obligations prevent them from doing so. If this describes you or someone you know, please read on!

Although the current W&W system of two-week projects with about 20 team members continues to be a successful ministry opportunity, we’re offering a shorter, less expensive alternative which will allow more people to participate . . . including children.

How It Will Work
We’re currently scheduling one-week W&W trips for as few as 5 to 12 people. The team could consist of all men for very rugged conditions or 2 to 3 couples with children who want to expose their children to another culture and a mission field as one week of their vacation. We'll select the project to fit the team members, not the team members to fit the project.

We want to be as flexible as possible, but still try to adhere to these guidelines:

Duration: One week. The team will arrive on Saturday (in the late afternoon or before midnight) and depart the following Saturday early in the morning.

Team size: There should be a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 12. The team can consist of all men, or men and women, or men, women and teens.

In-Country Cost:
· Construction: $200.00 per person
· Food, housing, utilities, and transportation: $150.00 per person

Other Costs:
· Cost of Insurance through Headquarters
· $25 Ecuador Exit tax

a. Arrive on Saturday evening
b. Worship and rest on Sunday
c. Work Monday through Thursday
d. Shop and sightsee on Friday
e. Depart on Saturday morning

We are scheduling now! Please contact:
Al & Barbara Cummings
456 Akin Rd.
Texarkana, TX 75503
Telephone: 903-223-7557
Email: bjcummings@reachone.com

February 04, 2006

Chillogallo Project

Chillogallo Project
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Chillogallo is a 2-year-old Jesus Film church plant. It's located in south Quito, Ecuador. A single woman, who graduated from our Seminary, pastors this church. The church is working to plant another new Jesus Film church as well. This congregation has the property (shown here) but needs the help of a Work & Witness team to build.

Sierra Centro District Project

Our Sierra Centro District has over 40 churches of which half of them are Quichua-speaking indigenous churches. This District Center is the largest Work & Witness project outside our Quito Seminary.

This facility will have a variety of elements including: a Jesus Film church plant, parsonage for the pastor, district offices and district parsonage, theological education classrooms for Quichua and Spanish students, a storefront for rent, caretaker’s quarters, housing for Work & Witness teams as well as for rental purposes and a dining hall.

The first of three floors is almost complete. We still need another 15 teams to help us finish. Come and work with 30 indigenous brothers and sisters alongside.

February 02, 2006

Schedule for 2006

1/28 - 2/10: Missouri District Team

2/18 - 3/4: Banker Team (Michigan)

3/25 - 4/3: Fusilier Medical Team

4/17 - 28: Sun City, Arizona Team

6/3 - 15: Myer Family (Tulsa) ?

6/17 - 26: Kingfisher, Oklahoma Team

7/1 - 14: Jefferson City, Missouri Team

7/15 - 20: Arizona District Teens Team

7/29 - 8/11: Mid-America Nazarene University Team

8/12 - 26: Tempe, Arizona Team

9/2 - 16: Oro Valley, Arizona Team

9/30 - 10/13: Sun City, Arizona Team