February 22, 2007

Ohio Team . . . a Surprise and a Blessing!

Recently the team from Circleville, Ohio, came as a surprise . . . and left as a blessing. They were originally scheduled to go to Bolivia but there were complications in which they could not enter that country. We received a call from HQ to see if we could accommodate this team with less than two days notice. And we could!

Because of the short notice, the usual supplies that are ordered for a project had not been ordered, so the team spent the first few days with many projects. Some painted the comodore (dining hall) at the W&W center, some repaired a leak in the comodore's kitchen sink, some built new cabinets to replace the ones ruined by the leak, and some worked in the Seminary's library cataloging English books. God definitely sent us a blessing because the team was willing to help with whatever we needed -- and we definitely had several needs!

Eventually, the team left the Quito area to continue foundation work on the newly started church in Chillogallo (south of Quito). These pictures show the hard work required. We praise God for sending this team to us!

February 03, 2007

Lewiston, Idaho Team

Recently the Lewiston, Idaho First Church was here to begin construction on a new church in Chillogallo, a city in south Quito. The team began by clearing the lot and the adjoining lot of trash, debris, etc.

The woman with the shovel in this picture is the pastor of the church.

The team continued with foundation work as shown in the following pictures.

Digging for the Foundation

Bucket by Bucket

Towards the end of the digging process, the team cleaned up the loose dirt and lifted it out of the ditch, bucket by bucket.

Foundation Construction

The team tied rebar for the foundation and then poured the concrete, one wheel barrow at a time.

February 01, 2007

2nd Anniversary of Los Eucalyptos Church

Because of the hard work of several teams on Los Eucalyptos church, the congregation was able to celebrate its 2nd anniversary in grand style.

The Kansas/Michigan Team Continues the Work

Recently a team from both Kansas and Michigan continued the work on Los Eucalyptos church. Although this was a smaller team, they got a lot accomplished. One of the women painted a dove on the cross in the sanctuary. If you look at the picture above (see "2nd Anniversary in Los Eucalyptos"), you'll see the dove in the center of the cross.