September 04, 2006

Replacing the Chapel Roof

removing roof
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The Flint Mi team had two main tasks during their stay. First, they removed and replaced the chapel roof. The students use this chapel several times a week, so a new roof is a blessing.

Second, they painted the dorm and apartment housing on the campus. How fresh everything looked when they were done!

Flint MI team with Seminary Students

team with students
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The team also spent time getting to know our seminary students as can be seen in this picture. Another time, the team baked cookies and delivered them to the students at mealtime. When the Cummings left (team leaders for all of the summer mini-teams), the students expressed, with heartfelt gratidude, what a blessing and inspiration the different teams had been to them.

Warren Leslie, Soundman

Warren Leslie, soundman
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Warren Leslie returned to Quito for his second trip this summer. While he was here, he ran the sound for the Alerta Juvenil event. He also set up recording equipment and installed software in the new Communications Building so that it is now ready for action!

Taking Polaroid Pictures

taking polaroids
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One day the Cummings family drove throughout Ecuador to see various Nazarene church sites. Along the way, they took polaroid pictures of local people and presented them with their pictures as a gift. Ecuadorian people love having their pictures taken because it is such a rare treat. What a creative way to reach out in love!

Building a Closet

building closet
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One of the smallest teams, but no less busy, were the Doug Cummings family. Here Doug and his dad, Al, are busy building a closet in the apartment for the Baker family (volunteer missionaries). They also continued working on the wall around the soccer field along with other tasks.