May 03, 2011

An All-Knowing God Puts Together a Great Team!

The Aurora Colorado team had planned on coming last October, but due to a political situation they were forced to postpone.  Instead, God assembled a brand new team of 13 who arrived in March, ready to tackle the Gueseche project.

Due to the fact that the project had been delayed for so long, both the Gueseche church people and the team were anxious to get started on the building.  One by one the blocks were laid, and within four short days, the mountaintop building was complete with roof and floor.  It was a blessing to see the snow-capped Chimborazo volcano in the distance and to be surrounded by the green, patch-work mountains everyday as they worked.

Evangelism for the children was held during lunch because the children were working alongside the adults.  During this time the team introduced stacking cups and the Evange-cube. When a different team visited in October, they introduced the Evange-ball, and they had no idea of how big an impact it would make on the children.  One of the fathers shared that his three-year-old son explained to him the symbolism of the ball.  He remembered each of the colors and what they represented.  God speaks to and through the youngest children!  The team brought evangelism tools and used them in two other services that we attended on Sunday.

 The team all visited the orphanage in Riobamba again.  When they were here three years ago they started saving clothes and toys to bring back to the orphanage, so they had a large amount of items to donate.  They presented a program and were pleased with the family feeling of the orphanage.  They were delighted to know that some of the children they had visited before had been adopted, but it was still just as difficult for them to leave them behind.

On the last afternoon the team had a small time of prayer and fellowship with their new friends, and presented a few Bibles and items to help in their evangelism.  At the close, prayer was said in Spanish, Quechua, and English.  Although they prayed in three different languages, and no one understood all three languages, God heard and understood all three prayers.  Praise the Lord that we have an all-knowing God!