August 29, 2007

Texarkana 1st Team

Saturday, July 28, began with much excitement for the W&W team from Texarkana, Texas, but it was to become a day of frustration for most of the team. Due to a series of complications, one person arrived Saturday, three more on Monday and four more on Thursday. After so many days of frustrating travel, the team really worked hard when they finally made it to the job site.

The team was also joined by Mission Corps volunteers Al & Dianne Wright. Their trip here was also a medical miracle for Dianne. Al writes about his time with the team: “Sometimes things don't go as planned, or even hoped, but through it all, God works miracles. The Sunday services in the newly painted and occupied sanctuary were nothing short of blessings beyond measure. The evening service completely packed out the facility. It was such a privilege to work under the leadership of Bruce and Cinda. I was so privileged to be able to work with the Texarkana team and to accomplish what we did with so few there, yet to get as much accomplished as we did. It is just so neat to be able to work with people one has never met before and instantly feel the bond of Christ's love. He is in control!”

August 01, 2007

Team from Jesus Film Harvest Partners

From July 14-21, 20 people from all over the US traveled to Ecuador with Jesus Film Harvest Partners, a ministry of the International Church of the Nazarene. The team showed the Jesus film in three different barrios of Ecuador. 600 Ecuadorians showed up with 181 people making decisions for Christ.

Team member Sharron Sankovich did a great job of documenting the trip at the following website: At the top of this website you'll several links:

  • Click on "Photos" and then on the link "The various Jesus Film Churches visited on the journey" to see pictures of the Jesus Film church plants visited by the team.
  • Click on "blog" to read Sharron's journal of the trip.

Sharron also did a good job of sharing how to get involved in the ministry of Jesus Film Harvest Partners. Click on the "Get Involved" link on the first page to read more.

Thanks Sharron for your excellent work, and thanks to the entire team for their desire to share Jesus! May God be praised.